15 Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas That Will Elevate The Look Of Any Space

2022-12-17 16:34:21 By : Ms. Sunny Wang

Do you automatically envision vertical blinds when you think about window treatments for sliding glass doors? According to Stoneside, blinds and shades are commonly used for adding privacy to a room with a sliding glass door. However, curtains and drapes also provide excellent coverage that enhances the room's décor.

So how can you choose curtains that work well with sliding glass doors? One tip offered in Stoneside is to opt for a covering that doesn't touch the floor to avoid the material getting caught on the door's track. Also, you'll need to consider additional factors, such as how well they minimize the sun's rays and help maintain the room's temperature by blocking drafts. Along with accessibility and functionality, we've looked at various ideas for curtains that'll add pizzazz to this challenging area. You might even be surprised at how simple it is to incorporate curtains into your room's overall look. Smart Glass For Residential

15 Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas That Will Elevate The Look Of Any Space

Valances are fabric hung right across the curtain, and they usually conceal the curtain rod and any hooks, grommets, or other parts of the window treatment. You can incorporate simple, flat, or pleated valances.

One unique take on adding curtains for your sliding glass doors is to cover the entire area. This decorative hack seamlessly blends your curtains with the walls while covering the door's frame.

Also, if the room feels somewhat closed in, try hanging the curtain from the ceiling, which gives the optical illusion of a tall ceiling. Moreover, the curtain adds a nice flow of color that adequately covers the space.

For the fans of the minimalist style, neutral, understated tones that match the door and window trim will redirect the eyes toward the outdoor view rather than on the door and window itself. When opened, you will barely know the curtains are there.

If you already have shades covering your sliding glass door but still feel a draft or want more privacy, you can add curtains or drapes. Furthermore, either option will add a touch of elegance to your window treatment.

What if you have a double sliding glass door? In this situation, two or more panels are necessary for coverage. Plus, you can still opt for multiple panels if you like the look of having two curtains instead of one, which provides an appealing frame around your doorway and window.

Picture windows aren't the only type that looks great with layers of drapes and sheers. Layering curtains and drapes also work out well with the sliding glass doors. You can go with the traditional layering of a drape over a sheer panel. Or why not try the opposite by layering light fabrics over solid curtains?

Likewise, if you like the look of sheer curtains that still allow for natural light, then look at privacy sheers. What's unique about this window covering is that it's made from fabric and looks like a curtain, but the cloth is fastened to vanes and works the same way as blinds.

Tie-backs may be a simple accessory, but they add flair to curtains surrounding sliding glass doors. Adding tie-backs is an easy solution if you want ready access to the doorway, and all you do is install some hooks on both sides of the doorway, preferably where the curtains will hide them.

Cascade curtains offer another easy solution to covering a sliding glass door. These curtains are situated inside the door frame, making them easy to mount. Plus, you can allow as much light as you wish by adjusting and fastening the straps at the hem.

Additionally, you can incorporate your style and creativity to create your own sliding glass door curtain. For example, beads and braided fabric add a bohemian touch to your space. Or you can add more coverage with bamboo tubes.

You can also hang narrow pieces on both sides of the doorway, but instead of adding a third panel or a sheer curtain, you can tint the glass of your sliding glass door. Window tint minimizes the sun's glare and reduces the chances of your window shattering.

Similar to the cascade curtains, which allow you to adjust the length, Roman shades are also crafted from various fabrics. They offer as much coverage as curtains and drapes while enabling you to leave the window completely exposed.

In addition to looking at various fabrics and colors, you can incorporate prints that remind you of the outdoors. From floral and leaf prints to drapes with landscapes, you can turn a boring doorway into your room's focal point or a scene that pairs well with your room's motif.

15 Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas That Will Elevate The Look Of Any Space

Best Type Of Shower Door Glass Plus, you can never underestimate the positive impact of bright colors on lightening the mood of a space. Curtains that come in brilliant shades offset white walls. When you consider the size of a sliding glass door, curtains that come in a bright tone can serve as the primary accent.